What is Life Coaching?

Whenever my daughter is asked to write a poem by her school, or perhaps to contribute an extra form of creative endeavour, she produces an acrostic poem. A simple poem where the first letter of each line spells a word. Inspired by the ease and enjoyment she seems to experience in doing them, I thought I’d do one for Life Coaching. Perhaps in a quick way it can answer the question “What is Life Coaching?”

I will probably expand on some of the basic ideas in future posts, but for now I hope you enjoy my take on “Life Coaching” 😊

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is not counselling.
It looks to the future rather than examining the past.
Focused on action and solutions.
Each person determines their priorities.

Coaching is a conversation with a purpose.
Obstacles and blocks are uncovered and overcome.
Accountability ensures progress.
Coaching can take place over weeks or months.
Honesty is a given.
Integrity of both parties is important.
No bullshit.
Goals are identified and achieved over time.

By Cait Daniels

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