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Cait Daniels, Midlife Change Coach - Outdoors

My name is Cait (pronounced the same as Kate – it’s a shortened version of Caitlin). I come from a family who believe, “It’s never too late”. The generations before me were busy having successful sequential careers, and portfolio careers, before such terms were invented!

Take my grandma Evans (Nana to me!). She trained as a midwife at 45 (then drove around on a scooter with a home-made box for all her equipment) then retrained as a health visitor age 50 back in 1963.

Nana Evans - Midwife at 45
Nana Evans – Midwife at 45
Robert Evans - FIFA Referee
Uncle Bob – FIFA Referee

Her son (my Uncle) was a FIFA referee, including the Mexico World cup in 1986 aged 46, alongside a successful career as a geologist. Then at age 58 he retrained at the University of California as a science journalist.

A desire for knowledge encouraged my mother to gain a degree, and then a Masters, at 44 and 48. Not to be outdone, I added to my MA with an MSc at 51.

Wendy's Graduation
Wendy’s Graduation
Cait's Graduation
Masters Graduation

Here’s another picture of my Nana, at 90, with my middle child on her lap.

Nana and Ava
Nana Evans and Granddaughter

Yes, I’ve raised 3 children, 2 of whom are now young adults and one is embarking on her GCSE’s. So, an entirely empty nest is something still for me to experience. I have two successful careers behind me, one as a social worker/community worker in mental health and more recently as a marketing manager within the trade show industry.

My second marriage (yep, things happen!) involved relocation from Manchester to Somerset and the creation of a successful small business. My husband is a close-up magician, among other things.
I like to swim a mile each week, keep chickens and ducks, and occasionally do organic gardening for others. Getting paid to do exercise outside, in beautiful spaces, beats the gym for me every time!

I have a wealth of personal experience (the good, the bad and the ugly) and a ton of skills and experience from my various jobs and training. Most of all I have a strong desire to “make things better” for people. I know what it’s like to feel confused, discontented, disappointed, frustrated, unhappy, tired, unwell, unfulfilled…

I’m sure you’ve got more we could add to the list. I’m here to listen, help you work it out and most of all start taking the action to create the future you want.

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