Thanks to Cait’s support & guidance I feel something inside me has been awoken …
I have my zest for life back!

What I wanted to achieve?
At the beginning of my journey, I knew I wanted to change my career but had no idea how to discover what this was or how to get there. I was in a job that ticked all the boxes on paper. The only missing piece was passion to want to do this job. I was unhappy everyday and couldn’t see a way out.

Where am I now?
Thanks to Cait’s support & guidance I feel something inside me has been awoken, I’m back in charge of my life and I’m excited about my future.
I feel empowered through Cait’s support & guidance, am now getting loads of tasks completed and I’ve only just started on my journey to a new career.
More importantly, I have my zest for life back!

How Cait helped me get to this point…
Cait allowed me space to reflect on what I really wanted.
Cait’s listening skills has had a positively profound impact on my self-belief. I am no longer holding myself back.
Cait’s empathy & understanding allowed me space to process unexpected obstacles on my journey.
Through reflection Cait helped me view look at my life in a subjective way.
This helped me discover answers I didn’t know were there.
I highly recommend Cait’s coaching and look forward to continuing my journey with her support.
Karen A

Cait’s coaching approach feels personal to me

I am really pleased that I embarked on this coaching process with Cait. Initially I just felt that it could be a useful thing to do without really knowing exactly ‘how’ but over the weeks that has become much clearer. Cait’s coaching approach feels personal to me and I think because of that she gets me to talk honestly, which allows me to hear myself say things that I want to question.

We’ve done all of this online which has been convenient without ever seeming to limit the relationship that we’ve developed. In fact, despite the physical distance Cait has picked up on changes in my emotional state – both between sessions and in-session when a more challenging subject arises – in a way that really gets to the important points.
Chris H

In this time, I have achieved more with writing my book than I have in the last 20 years.

I have been working with Cait for three and a half months. In this time, I have achieved more with writing my book than I have in the last 20 years. The dreadful burden of “shall I, shan’t I?” and “Ought I …?” has gone, although it still recurs sometimes, in the form of questioning, “Why am I doing this?” However, I have learned a valuable lesson from Cait about the inevitability of these doubts and the analogy that one cannot progress whilst looking backwards! This I have found very useful and it has kept me going even when it is challenging. Because of this developing determination, I now have a whole chapter completed and I am well on the way with the next one.

I am looking forward to the time when I can say, “It is done!” and it both feels like and looks like a completed body of work. I really like Cait’s persistence in challenging me to fix deadlines and bring detail into vague “off the top of my head” plans.
Annie N

One of the best investments in me I have ever made.

I was at a careers crossroads when I reached out to Cait. I connected with her from the initial telephone call and from Session 1 she helped me to focus on the priority areas that really mattered to me. Cait adopted an approach centred on taking action, she acknowledged barriers that had precluded progress in the past and carefully pushed me to move beyond them. By Session 2 I had achieved a goal that I had procrastinated about for many months. Cait held me to account in a supportive way that challenged me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to develop new ways of thinking. As I move forward I am determined and committed to holding on to the approach and strategies I developed while working with her. One of the best investments in me I have ever made. If you are feeling stuck and not reaching your full potential I would highly recommend reaching out to Cait.
Karen McM

A revelation!

Midlife Change Coach, Cait Daniels has been a revelation! In a small number of zoom consultations various initiatives have made me realise what I have, instead of what I haven’t. Confidence boosting, gratitude and positive mental attitude are now contributing massively in achieving a balanced, happy work life balance.
David P

Cait has been absolutely invaluable

I’ve been trying to make sense of a particularly complicated portfolio career, while finding the best path forward in life for the maximum amount of happiness and the least amount of stress. Cait has been absolutely invaluable in terms of professional guidance and giving me room to sort my own head out and find the best path forward in my own life. I found the sessions professional, supportive and enjoyable. It’s been great.
Pat H

Happiness and gratitude have been restored.

I found myself experiencing new emotions which I found challenging and confusing and wasn’t sure how to process them.

Cait unearthed the core issues and presented me with tools to move forward. Between sessions the ‘homework’ gave me daily practices which focused on the positives in my life which far outweigh any negatives but of course I’d been focusing on the wrong thing!

Cait, many thanks for your valued input. Happiness and gratitude have been restored.
Meme L
Old Portsmouth

I was able to talk frankly about myself to Cait in a way that I have always found difficult with other people.

I contacted Cait because I felt that a few things in my life could be better and I felt that I had lost perspective on things. Cait helped me to do a bit of a life audit, we reviewed key areas of life and appraised what was going well and where things could be better. She challenged me to take responsibility for things that I perceived were out of my control and helped me to recognise some persistent issues that I needed to address. Cait’s honest and straightforward approach was really productive, I never felt judged and felt that I was able to talk frankly about myself to Cait in a way that I have always found difficult with other people.

The sessions were really helpful and I would highly recommend Cait.
Beth M

Get a different perspective

I felt I was at a point when I needed to talk through some things. Coaching gave me the opportunity to do this and get a different perspective.
Joan S

Cait knew exactly the right questions to ask, at the right time, in the right way, which initiated the release of my ‘block’ within the very first session.

I was at a point where I felt ‘blocked’ in not knowing how to move forward in my professional life when I saw Cait’s website.
Her very down to earth style of talking and sharing some of her history, endeared me to her, not least because I very much wanted the ‘Action’ she talked about.

I felt Cait knew exactly the right questions to ask, at the right time, in the right way, which initiated within me the release of my ‘block’ within the very first session.

She offered ‘insight’, ‘clarity’ and ‘action’ and that is exactly what I received from working with her, not only in regards to my professional life but also in my relationship and health issues as well.

I would highly recommend Cait for her lovely manner and approachability, knowledge, skills and passion in helping others.
Theresa B

It’s enabled me to cut through the clouds to see a way forward

I wanted to gain clarity in several areas of my life. I was looking for someone clear, concise and pertinent. I chose Cait because her profile was around many sectors and not just career focussed.

I have found the coaching extremely beneficial. It’s enabled me to cut through the clouds to see a way forward – to prioritise myself and my needs – not make decisions based on others.

Cait was great at being precise and understanding of my ‘to the point’ ways.
I would definitely use Cait as a coach in the future and recommend her to others.
Sandie W

… a real go-to person for life’s problems

Cait’s insight has been an invaluable tool. She has a genuine interest in getting to the root of issues and encouraging the development of practical solutions. Her friendly approachability makes her a real go-to person for life’s problems.
James P

Cait got me to a point where things seemed doable

After my husband’s heart attack, Cait really helped me to step back and see my situation from other angles. We worked through stuff. Talking with Cait got me to a point where things seemed doable. She helped me get out of the tunnel, not just see light at the end.
Meg C

… it’s been fun with lots of laughter along the way.

It’s hard to overstate how important my sessions with Cait over the past year have been. When I first contacted her, I was drifting towards the end of a career ‘sabbatical’ which had run on for some years for family and bereavement reasons until there was no obvious or appealing way back. I felt totally stuck about what to do next with my life, my energy levels and self-care were poor, and I was in decision-making paralysis unable to see ahead with any clarity. The only thing clear to me was that 2021 would be make-or-break professionally and personally, and I had started looking separately for a career coach and a personal/life coach to help me move forward.
Cait quickly helped me get back in touch with what felt authentic and inauthentic to me, to the point that I did away with the idea of working separately with a career coach, and with Cait we took a holistic approach to looking at my whole life, including family/home, career and self-care.
A year on from my first call with her, I’ve successfully moved house, I’m requalifying for a new career, I’ve a clearly articulated five year life-plan in place that feels fully authentic to me, and I’ve recovered my self-care, self-belief and positivity.
The work with Cait has felt light touch in a really good way, yet hugely effective. She was challenging, incisive, supportive and intuitive, and made every single session really count in terms of building on the last one and moving forward. She intuitively knew how long a weekly schedule was needed for, when the time was right to drop down to fortnightly and then monthly, and when and how to conclude our coaching journey.
Just as importantly, it’s been fun with lots of laughter along the way. I’m sure there’ll be more times in my life when I need structured support again with life direction and decisions, and when the time comes I’ll definitely be booking in with Cait to do that work.
Suzi M

I can highly recommend Cait to anybody

I decided to look for some coaching, because of some circumstances in my life that I knew I needed to address. From the outset I found the sessions were excellent and really useful. Cait puts you at ease and allows you to discuss freely, but also has the insight and knowledge to make key suggestions. I can highly recommend Cait to anybody for life coaching.
John C

… order out of chaos!

Cait was fantastic at helping me to find some order out of chaos!
As a 46 year old on long term maternity from my previous career, I’d fallen into a new part time job but felt as if I was just the intern and I was happy taking a low wage, even talking my boss into paying me lower than was offered as I felt I wasn’t worth it.
Cait helped me to untangle this by allowing me to see the bigger picture and guiding me into setting personal goals. I always had what felt like a million things on my to do list and Cait showed me how to stand still, take stock and organise things so that I wasn’t constantly overwhelmed.
I plan to continue putting what she has taught me into practice so that life feels a little more balanced.
Belinda J

I came away feeling a lot more positive, but also with an action plan

I came to Cait as I was at a cross roads in my life. After a change in my personal life I had spoken to a therapist for a few months about my background and the circumstances behind this change, but felt that I was stuck and not moving forwards. I needed someone who could help to look to my future and not keep dredging up the past.
After six sessions with Cait I came away feeling a lot more positive, but also with an action plan, something I felt I was lacking from my previous experiences. Each week she set me a task, something that would make me think about my current position but also where I wanted to be. This was exactly what I needed, as it allowed me to move from a negative to a positive position, looking forward rather than backward and helping me to re-position myself so that I felt that I could finally get on with my life not be dragged down by this change.
The tasks felt hard, as they made me challenge my current thought processes and really think about my situation, but once I got on with them I actually enjoyed the process and it really helped me to move my mindset.
Weeks later I still have my vision board and five year plan on the wall next to me every day. I constantly use them to refer to and help me when I am having a bad day. I plan to use this approach going forward when ever I feel that I am stuck and don’t know how to progress.
Cait, herself, was brilliant to work with, a combination of therapist and coach, helping me to re-think my approach and challenge my thinking. I appreciated her knowledge and experience, and felt comfortable talking to her about my experiences. I would recommend her to anyone who hits a bump in the road, especially a lady in the middle of life, who really wants to grab their future and feel more positive.
West Midlands

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