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Cait Daniels – Midlife Change Coach

We are all familiar with the stereotypes of middle age:

  • The Sports Car
  • The Affair
  • The Menopausal Self-Doubt
  • The Empty Nest

But, what if you don’t want to fall into one of these stereotypes? The thoughts and feelings that lead to them are widespread. These feelings may be hard to deal with, but can be harnessed to create positive change in your life!

I offer you the opportunity to see your midlife as the start of the second half of your life. An opportunity to reassess and get back on track. To discover new directions and focus on what is really important for your future.

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… a real go-to person for life’s problems

Cait’s insight has been an invaluable tool. She has a genuine interest in getting to the root of issues and encouraging the development of practical solutions. Her friendly approachability makes her a real go-to person for life’s problems.
James P

Cait got me to a point where things seemed doable

After my husband’s heart attack, Cait really helped me to step back and see my situation from other angles. We worked through stuff. Talking with Cait got me to a point where things seemed doable. She helped me get out of the tunnel, not just see light at the end.
Meg C

While talking is very important, I’m a doer and ‘next action’ is one of my favourite concepts. You will always leave our sessions with a clear idea of your next steps.

This approach ensures that you have more than just a supportive environment to gain insight. Our time together is not just a talking shop. You will be encouraged to identify small steps (and sometimes big leaps) in the direction you wish to head. We will agree timescales and you will experience your progress.

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Cait’s Promise …

“I am so confident, in the positive changes that we will create in your life, that I offer a 100% money back guarantee!
If you do not increase your clarity and identify positive next actions in a session, I will refund the cost.”

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