How Coaching Works

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Step 1 – Getting started

It all starts with a FREE, 20 minute, introductory chat. This gives us both the opportunity to ask some questions and get a sense of each other. Then we can decide if we are a good match and if we want to work together.

Step 2 – The Commitment

Once we’ve decided to work together, I’ll ask you to make a commitment to a minimum number of sessions. I find that 6 is a good starting point, but can agree to as few as 3. This structure allows us both to settle into the work and be more productive. You are making a commitment to yourself. You are giving yourself a realistic amount of time to unpick what has brought you to coaching and to begin to experience the benefits.

Step 3 – The Sessions

I offer one-on-one video calls via Zoom. If you’d prefer a different format (Skype, FaceTime, What’s App, standard phone call), I can be flexible.

Calls last 45 minutes and are followed up with an email outlining your ‘next actions’. This is an important part of the session, building momentum and providing accountability.
Session fees are £130.

The frequency of the sessions depends on your priorities and desired rate of progress. I offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly calls, in the daytime or evening.

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The Benefits you can Expect

The top 3 benefits I guarantee are …


We are often too close to our own ‘stuff’. It can be very helpful to hear our thoughts (sometimes self-limiting beliefs) said out loud in front of someone else. This alone can offer us insight into our usual patterns, unhelpful habits and psychological sticking points. Add to this my experience in asking just the right question at the right moment, and you have the opportunity to gain extra understanding of yourself, your current life and the future that you want.


The more important the issue (and what could be more important than your future?) the greater the number of thoughts and feelings you’ll be dealing with. It can be a confusing picture. I will provide you with the space, support and tools to establish clarity. Together, we will regain your focus and develop your priorities.


Here’s where you really start to make a difference. Right from the first session, we will identify ‘next actions’ together. Sometimes these will be small steps and sometimes great leaps forward. We’ll work out what your frogs are and you’ll practice getting good at eating them! (Don’t worry these are metaphorical frogs and I’ll explain more at the time). After each session, you will receive an email outlining the actions that you agreed. You will begin to take the steps necessary to cope with the changes that you are experiencing in midlife. We will establish your priorities and realistic timescales. Most of all, you will begin to make the changes necessary to achieve the future you desire.

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