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Many people want to find a life coach near them. I get it, they want the personal connection. They can see the benefits, such as greater empathy and the ability to read body language. A space away from their usual life to have the conversations and do the work – perhaps on neutral ground, a safe space, a private space.

What I learnt through the covid pandemic is how effective one-to-one coaching is online. It is still intimate. I still read people’s facial expressions, body language and posture. Often it can feel like we are sitting in the same room.

Are you set up for online life coaching?

For it to work well though it does require an ability to have that dedicated time and space to yourself. Will it be possible for you to be in the building on your own? Or so away from others that you feel private? What is the nature of the challenges you wish to bring to coaching and are you comfortable with others hearing them?

The extra benefits of online life coaching

There are additional benefits from coaching online. There is no travel time and effort. There can be greater flexibility about when the sessions can take place. It means you can pick from a large number of coaches rather than having to go for the one that is down the road from where you live. You can pick the coach that feels right to you, the one that seems to have the necessary approach and experience that you are looking for. Some excellent coaches may become more affordable because they no longer have the overheads of hiring rooms etc.

I also think that sometimes people are actually able to open up more because they are in the comfort of their own home.

Life coach near me – An alternative

The beauty of a coach who is experienced at working online is that when you think, “I want a life coach near me”, the coach couldn’t be any nearer, they are exactly where you need them to be – your kitchen, office, sitting room!

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