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If you’re reading this page, on this website, I know you’re experiencing some midlife challenges. You want to get to the other side of those challenges. You want to be head up, looking forward, feeling good about yourself, your life and what’s to come … more than feeling good … excited!!

But how do you get there?

All of my Midlife Change Coaching, distilled into an 8 week online group programme

Have you thought or felt any of these:

  • I’ve left it too late, that ship has sailed
  • At a crossroads, stuck, unable to see clearly, in decision making paralysis
  • Hit a bump in the road, lost perspective, unable to find the best path forward
  • Getting tempted to have an affair or been on the receiving end of someone else’s affair
  • Feeling confused, grappling with negativity and poor energy levels
  • Experiencing anxiety, overwhelm and loss of confidence
  • Facing a change of circumstances and a future that is not what I’d hoped for
  • Struggling with ageing, with relationships, with elderly parents
  • Worried that the best is already behind me, that I haven’t fulfilled my potential, that I won’t feel excitement again

You’re not alone!

In my coaching work, specialising in midlife, these are some of the main issues that come up again and again. Midlife Renew is an online group programme designed to tackle these challenges.

Are you ready to create changes in your life now, that your future self will thank you for?

Are you ready to work towards a vision of your future life, which excites and delights you?

This programme could be the fastest way for you to feel good about yourself, your life and your future.

What is Midlife Renew?

It’s an online group coaching programme that will take place throughout October and November 2022.

What you get

  • 6 Powerful Training Videos guiding you through my Midlife Renewal Process
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching and Mentoring Calls with me and your inner circle of trusted midlifers
  • Spotlight Coaching during group calls
  • Access to a private Facebook Group where you can reflect on your challenges and successes in a supportive, non-judgmental environment
  • A coach who genuinely cares about you and your life, and brings the right balance of emotional support and practical guidance
  • Accountability through weekly tasks and challenges
  • A community that goes way beyond the programme, so you never have to feel like you’re doing it alone again

Why Midlife Renew?

Midlife is exactly that, halfway. It’s a perfect time to take stock, course correct and address areas in our life in need of attention. Renew is a verb, a ‘doing word’ and I’m all about taking action.

I’ve learnt so much through working with my 1-to-1 clients and have now brought many of those techniques together in a structured 8 week programme. It’s designed to turn your midlife malaise into midlife magnificence! Participants can address their individual challenges while receiving additional support and inspiration from the group.

What results can you expect?

Below is a list of extracts from testimonials that I’ve received from previous clients:

“I am no longer holding myself back“
“helped me discover answers I didn’t know were there“
“Happiness and gratitude have been restored“
“allowing me to see the bigger picture and guiding me into setting personal goals“
“helped me prepare for one of the most significant changes in my life“
“allowed me to move past my fear and guilt and has helped me to see a way forward“
“enabled me to cut through the clouds to see a way forward – to prioritise myself and my needs and not make decisions based on others“
“I achieved a goal that I procrastinated about for many months“
“I came away feeling a lot more positive, but also with an action plan“
“Confidence boosting, gratitude and positive mental attitude are contributing massively in achieving a balanced, happy work-life balance“
“given me the confidence to trust myself again”
“I feel something inside me has been awoken, I’m back in charge of my life and I’m excited about my future“

Cait Daniels at Festival - Midlife Renew - Midlife Change Coach

The Investment

The autumn 2022 Midlife Renew programme is priced at £695. Also needed is your investment of time, energy and full commitment to your midlife renewal.

Optional Super-Boost

This is for you if you want everything that’s included in Midlife Renew – the group coaching, the community, the trainings AND you also want 1-to-1 time with me.

You’ll have 3 individual coaching sessions with me, within the 8 weeks, to Super-Boost your journey. You’ll also have the chance to receive detailed feedback on your individual tasks.

The investment for the Super-Boost’ed Midlife Renew experience is £1,035.

These spaces are limited and will probably sell out first. So, if you want this option get on it!

Cait Daniels - Midlife Change Coach Promise

Cait’s Midlife Renew Guarantee

If you’re not feeling more optimistic about your future, by the end of the second week, just let me know. If you want to leave the programme at that point, I’ll give you 100% of your money back!

What happens next?

If you’re ready to make autumn 2022 the start of a whole new chapter, the next step is to schedule a phone call with me.

We’ll discuss any questions you have and find out if Midlife Renew is a good match for you. If it is, we’ll get you signed up and excited about the coming weeks, months and years!

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